Curtain Walls

Aluton’s wide range of curtain walls lends a unique appearance to every façade.


Conventional Glazing

Conventional GlazingIn these curtain walls, the glass is held on all four sides by pressure bars or “clip-ons”. Aluton offers clip-ons in a range of sizes, forms, and finishes, providing an endless array of options for façade design.
Aluton’s curtain walls can also be integrated with shade features, a variety of claddings, and other elements, further expanding façade design options.


2-Sided Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG)

2-Sided Structural Silicone GlazingIn these curtain walls, the glass is bonded along the vertical sides, giving a slim vertical sight line and a slightly thicker horizontal one for a horizontal ribbon effect. As for conventional glazing, here too a range of clip-ons is available allowing advanced design features such as emphasis of chosen areas for customized facades.


4-Sided Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG)

4-Sided Structural Silicone GlazingFour-sided SSG curtain walls use silicone bonding on all four sides of the glass creating a smooth, sleek look with a robust long-term durability. Here again, a range of features and elements may be incorporated to create a unique and innovative façade.

The Picture Frame method, a variation on the 4-sided SSG, introduces a decorative profile framing the panes of glass in a continuous unifying design to both fixed and moving elements, from both an internal and external perspective.